Best Place to Get Pregnant? Try East Timor

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Trying to get pregnant should always be an enjoyable experience and what better way to enjoy it than to pack your bags and go on vacation! While there are plenty of beach resorts and vacation spots throughout Asia, East Timor offers a stunning location with the relative quiet from tourists – perfect for enjoying time with just yourself and your partner. But what is it that makes East Timor so spectacular? Read on to find out more!


East Timor is a relatively new country, having only gained sovereignty in 2002 so it doesn’t have as much infrastructure for tourism as some of the other countries in South East Asia. Having said that, it only makes the country even more romantic as you know that every special spot you find is a special place for so few other people. This sense of seclusion acts as a powerful aphrodisiac while giving you and your other half the privacy you need to fully enjoy each other.


Of course it’s not just the seclusion that makes East Timor so appealing for those trying to get pregnant, it has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. With long sunny beaches and stunning mountain views, it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing countries in the world. When you think of romantic getaways you might not instantly think of East Timor but it has everything you would expect from a holiday spot and much, much more.


It’s not just the surrounding that let your entire body relax into a sensual state of bliss though, the simple way of life is so easy going that you can’t help but be relaxed when you’re staying there. Though many of the locals won’t speak any English, they are eager to please and will go above and beyond what is expected in order for you to fully enjoy yourself.


Nothing is more important when making a child than feeling at ease with yourself, your partner and your surroundings. No matter what stresses you might feel in your day to day life, these will all completely evaporate while you are dining on the local finest delicacies and sipping beverages that are so smooth you don’t know how you coped without them.


East Timor is the complete package for a holiday destination, especially when you’re aiming to make a child. A place that will leave you feeling happy, relaxed and more in love than ever, the people and places you’ll visit in this country will last with you a whole lifetime. You’re in for a treat, no doubt about it.


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